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 The NSW GRN information on this page relates to the old analogue system, which closed in 2011.



Our aim is to provide you - the scanning enthusiasts of New South Wales - with the most up-to-date information publicly available. We don't make you join forums or email groups to access our information, we don't offer glossy pictures or 'fancy' .php pages and we don't have a site that is constantly under construction - we just provide you with the facts, plain and simple.

New South Wales Emergency Service Scanning has been on-line since 2003 and was originally a web-base email group, which was only made available to a small group of scanning enthusiasts by invitation. The decision was made to make the site available to the public around mid-2006, after a search of the internet failed to locate a single source containing up-to-date information for all NSW emergency services.

New South Wales Emergency Service Scanning is one of, if not the most popular emergency service scanning web site for New South Wales scanning enthusiasts!

We don't have access to 'code plugs' from emergency service radios (as is common belief), however we do spend the time researching services, scouting frequencies, and asking for assistance from emergency service personnel.

If you have comments regarding our work you can contact us at

(Please note that we are unable to respond to emails immediately)

Some comments received by our users:

"Without a doubt your site is the only place to come for emergency service scanning info." - G.H

"Absolutely fantastic site. All the information is there and in great format." - C.M

"Good web site, layout is impressive." - A.K

"(Your) information seems way more detailed than most other sites and I am especially impressed with the channel name listings and the freqs being structured as they appear on individual radios." - S.S


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This purpose of this webpage is to supply information (frequencies and talkgroups) of the emergency services in NSW, such as the NSW Police Force,

NSW Fire Brigades, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service and Ambulance Service of NSW. While information on other

radio users will be available, this information cannot be guaranteed. All information was obtained from public sources.