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 The NSW GRN information on this page relates to the old analogue system, which closed in 2011.


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Important notice:

On the 18 September 2008 one of the main contributors to the NSW Emergency Service Scanning website unexpectedly passed away. His untimely passing has reminded us the true brevity of our lives and has highlighted the importance of family and friends. As such it is with regret that we are no longer able to contribute the required time towards updating the information on the NSWESS website.

To those in the scanning community who have supported us since our inception in 2003 we offer our thanks.

To those who have only recently discovered the NSWESS website or who have joined our new forums we apologise that we will not be able to continue bringing you up to date information from our hobby.

We hope that sometime in the future we will be able to continue our quest to bring you what we believe was (and maybe still is) the best emergency service scanning information in NSW.

To the family and friends of JH we offer our sincere condolences and wish you strength and courage during this difficult time.

Mark - on behalf of the NSW Emergency Service Scanning team.


NOTE: Almost all NSW Police Force digital radio channels are running full time encryption as of early May 2008. This means that the majority of police digital radio channels in the greater Sydney area (Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong) can no longer be monitored. There is no way decode the encryption, so please do not ask us how.

NOTE: We have recently found several scanning websites are making use of the information from our site. While we have no problem with others using our information, our Terms of Use clearly state that you must acknowledge us as the source. If you copy information from this site, please acknowledge our hard work!


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This purpose of this webpage is to supply information (frequencies and talkgroups) of the emergency services in NSW, such as the NSW Police Force,

NSW Fire Brigades, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service and Ambulance Service of NSW. While information on other

radio users will be available, this information cannot be guaranteed. All information was obtained from public sources.